Activities - 2016

NEFA Activity 10-08-2016 Bill and Eileen Dorosz’s Cruise Proposal
We did a 100 mile loop through north western CT. I have it mapped! The ride is worth the price of admission - I promise, you will love it - the country side was absolutely beautiful with very few stop signs or lights and the road (Rt 20 west) is full of twisting and yet, it's a very smooth - between mountains - I loved it! There's a gift shop along the way - if we want and wait - the best is yet to come!

I got the track manager ( LIME ROCK) to let us do a parade lap behind one of their pace cars (about 50 mph). The track is gorgeous - mountains every where. We have to be there at 12:00 sharp on Saturday, Oct 8. The track has been rented by two clubs and we can sneak in for our laps when the first club leaves and before the second club starts. The cost for Lime Rock to our club is Zero. The track has a gift shop and a cafe. I was asked if we could patronize both as a form of a donation. I said yes! I told the track manager what our name is and it would be a pretty poor showing if we were not in Fieros. Even if we didn't go on the track I won't ask the track manager if we have only have one or two Fieros. There will be two clubs racing plus an auto cross event which we can see for Zero. I do need to call the track manager back ASAP and confirm our intentions.

The next stop is at Kent state falls, it's about 10 miles south of the track. The falls are about a quarter mile long - down the side of a mountain. It has a well carved out trail (almost paved) going up the side of mountain and next to the falls (if you wish). We then have to back track about two miles to get us heading back to home (Rt 4 east). We are checking out two restaurants along the return road.

Interested, the ride will start at Cracker Barrel at exit 45 on Rt 91 at Warehouse Point at 9:30 am sharp - tanks full - bladders empty of we want to get on the track for the parade lap. If you want breakfast - I recommend getting there about 8:00 am.