Activities - 2017

Other Activity 03-24-2017 / 03-26-2017 Fieros at Daytona
Daytona Speedway, Daytona, FL.

MAFOA Activity 04-22-2017 MAFOA/Mid-Atlantic DeLorean Club show
Save the Date for the First MAFOA/Mid-Atlantic DeLorean Club show to be held at FieroJon's in Tuckerton, NJ.

Other Activity 05-21-2017 Nutmeg Chapter POCI Spring Show
Nutmeg Chapter POCI Spring Show. More information to come.

NEFA Activity 07-15-2017 NEFA Annual Picnic
Join us once again at the Randolph's in Coventry for good food & conversation. Always a fun day. Bring your bathing suits and a side dish to add to the menu. More information to come.

NEFA Activity 08-19-2017 NEFA Annual Swap Meet
MARK YOUR CALENDARS for NEFA's Annual Swap Meet - held at The Fiero Store in Manchester, CT. Mark your calendars. This is a not-to-miss activity. Always a great day.

Other Activity 09-24-2017 Nutmeg Chapter POCI Fall Show
More information to come.